Morzine 2022

Morzine Mountain Biking & Hiking Holiday

Me and some mates drove to Morzine for a mountain biking holiday. We stayed in a chalet and rode our bikes most days. In the summer the ski lifts are converted to mountain bike lifts, so you get a lift to the top of the mountain and get to ride down to the bottom of the mountain on different-grade trails.  It was a blast and I'll definitely be back in the future.

The day before we left I donned my walking boots and decided to climb a nearby mountain - Pointe d'Entre Deux Pertuis. At 7139ft (2176m) it's a sizeable mountain, the biggest on our doorstep at the chalet. I packed appropriate gear, supplies and my camera and headed to the summit. It wasn't a technical climb, but had some epic exposure and was a steep gradient in many places. The weather was amazing and from the peak I could  see for miles and miles. I spied Mont Blanc and the Swiss Alps to name a few landmarks. These photos are memories of that climb, all photos are my own.