A-Level Coursework

Computer Science at Henley College

Checkers Simulation with Artificial Intelligence

In 2022, I completed my A-Levels at the Henley College. One of those A-Levels was Computer Science. 20% of the final grade was made up by coursework. We used C# as our programming language and this coursework project required us to code a unique program in C#, for which we documented the whole development cycle, from initial concept, meetings with the client, proof-of-concept, actual development and delivering and potential maintenance of the program.

The coursework was graded out of 75. My project was graded 73 marks and classed as exceptional. I worked a disproportionate amount on this project but am very proud of it. It's the first project I've ever coded and first real experience of programming. I feel after creating this program, I am now competent in the C# and .Net frameworks and have since become competent in python and SQL.

The Documentation

Below is the actual document I handed in, including my code. I learnt many techniques from this experience, from coding paradigms, to how to think like a programmer, to complex problem solving and even how to structure long documents.

I chose to make my application in the console window. It may look old and simple, but GUI was not part of the mark scheme and the examiners where only focused on functionality and performance of the program, hence how I could get an exceptional piece of coursework with a console application. 

(Apologies about the formatting. It was perfect in Word, but goes bonkers in Google Docs.)

Final NEA Documentation Local.docx